Terms and Conditions

Please follow our instructions carefully when it comes to pick up. We will provide you with the Rego Number or Cab Number plate of you assigned You must board the designated vehicle, as any mistake would result in full no-show charges. Please contact us via phone, text, WhatsApp, or email to confirm your vehicle.

If you do not show up for your pick up at the scheduled time and location, you will be charged no-show fees. If you need to change the pickup time, please inform us one hour in advance for daytime trips and six hours in advance for all early morning trips. Please note that no refunds will be issued, and you will be required to book the service again.

When you meet your driver, please ask them for the Booking Reference: TipTop Transport & Assigned Rego Number.

The price that you are paying is only for the details you have provided. Please note that any additional passengers, luggage, or pickups and drop-offs will result in extra charges. However, you may add 1-3 extra bags or an extra person at the last minute if they can fit in the car without taking up extra space, and there will be no additional charge for this.

If you keep the driver waiting for more than 5-7 minutes without a valid reason, waiting charges will apply which you will be informed via booking confirmation, which you will need to pay to the driver after the service. Ideally, it takes 5 minutes to load all the bags.

Please be ready with all your bags and passengers outside at the booking time. Other customers may be waiting for our next pickups, so you must be on time.

In rare cases, drivers may be late due to road work, heavy traffic, or other unusual reasons. In such cases, we will inform you of the delay beforehand.

To avoid losing any items, you must check the cab before leaving. If you lose any items, please inform us immediately. We will discard or hand over any unclaimed items to the nearest police station after a week.